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prettysinisterprettysinister Posts: 67Registered Users
I'm sure LUSH has been brought up here before, but as I'm sitting here plopping my hair, I can't help but notice the awesome scent of Lush's "Sultana of Soap" lingering on my skin! And my skin feels soooo soft. A friend of mine turned me on to their products and I'm newly obsessed.

Any other LUSH users here? I'm looking for some opinions on some of their other soaps/body washes. So far, I've used (and loved) their Sultana of Soap, Honey I Washed the Kids, and their (no longer available) Ol' Blue Skies Is Back body wash.

What other soaps are worth trying? Also, has anyone tried their Trichnomania solid shampoo or Curly Wurly? Even though I'm not currently using sulfates, they're so tempting...


  • KitaraKitara Posts: 1,224Registered Users
    I am, but I only use this bath products. I just took a Lush bath last night. *sigh* Heaven. They are pretty expensive so I'm not as addicted and I could be. lol

    All of their shampoos and conditioners contain sulfates so I don't/haven't used any of them. The people that I know that rave about them have straight hair.

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