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MissCurlyMissCurly Registered Users Posts: 133
I know there were a few NYC curlies who were looking for a place to buy henna locally (myself included). Ricky's Beauty Supply stores mostly in Manhattan they sell henna called colora henna. Has anyone tried this. I bought a box but I havent tried yet, I wanted to wait and see if anyone else has heard of this???????????
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    The only henna I would ever use in my hair is Body Art Quality and most of the time you can't get the in a beauty supply store. Moreover that stuff might have metallic dyes in it that can really damage your hair. You should do some research at this site www.hennaforhair, before you use henna lots of very helpful information. HTH
    My favorites
    Qhemets AHOC,OHHB
    Yemen Henna
    AOHR Deep Conditioner
    Coconut,Jojoba and JBC oils
    Rosemary Oil/w horsetail,coltsfoot and Nettle leaves.
    My own homemade mixtures
    BlackStrap Molasses

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    I agree with Ms Kitty but here's some info on the Colora http://www.folica.com/Colora_Henna_Cr_d1215.html

    It doesn't appear too evil but who really knows, and it definitely has non-henna dye in it.
  • MissCurlyMissCurly Registered Users Posts: 133
    thanks for the replies ladies I thought I'd try to buy henna locally before I did the online buy and wait thing. The colora henna I bought is the powder not the creme in that link you posted which had different ingrediants
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    Yeah, I probably wouldn't chance using it. I started to buy some @ Ricky's too until I was told that pure henna only comes in one color and you can actually add natural herbs/stuff to your own henna to change colors.

    Here's a hair chart (page 49)

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