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dancingaroundtheclockdancingaroundtheclock Posts: 5Registered Users
For the longest time I've just worn my hair in a pony tail, cause it was just too much work.
But... I've started to take more pride in it, but I want to know what I can do with it in the morning, after I shower.
I don't want to wear it the same way every time.

Here are some pictures:

I just don't really know what to do with it.


  • prettysinisterprettysinister Posts: 67Registered Users
    Your hair is so pretty!!

    I used to do the perma-ponytail through high school too. Just couldn't ever figure out what else to do with it!

    Recently, I bought the book "Strictly Curls" by Nicole Siri through the curlmart and the book is great! Nothing but styles you can do with curly hair. A lot of them are super easy, too.

    One of the easiest I've found I've been wearing to work a lot. It's a basic low ponytail that I secure with a thin fabric-covered scrunchie, then I twist the ponytail into a rope, make a "hole" in my hair right above the scrunchie close to the scalp, then I pull the hair through so it goes under the hair (if that makes sense). Makes a really pretty twist that still keeps my hair out of the way.

    I also like to take small chunks of hair, twist them into tiny buns and bobby pin them to the back of my head.

    But yeah, I really recommend getting that book. I've been wearing my hair differently every day of the week these days :)

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