chi quick smoothing system

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HI..Im having this chemical service done Thursday..has anyone done this..its supposed to be a lot more gentle than TR..



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    I had it done. Just for the record...the Chi system is not more gentle that others. If you look at what these chemicals are doing to your hair, it could never be described as "gentle".

    The first time my hair looked incredible. It was soft, shiny, and straight as a pin! I decided I was always going to have straight hair, and after about a year I went back to get the regrowth straightened. It destroyed my hair. I had chunks of hair at the top of my head that actually broke off. It became dry, and was full of split ends. If I ran my hands down my hair, there were tones of broken split end bits that would stick out. It took a long time to grow it all out afterwards, because I had long hair.

    Make sure that whoever is doing your hair has a lot of experience. You don't want to do this over hair that has been dyed. Also, don't dye your hair afterwards. My stylist put streaks in my hair a few weeks afterwards, and it was really damaging.
  • valwvalw Registered Users Posts: 4
    HI..thanks for the reply..did you just have the smoothing system done..Im not having a permanant one like TR done..this is just done with the hands smoothing the flat iron is used..and it will only usually last about 3 month..I had the TR done twice and dont want anything permanent any more..



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