Has anyone experienced this?

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I section my hair with Paul Mitchell Conditioner and follow-up with PM Styling Foam. It gives me great hold and shine, but after my hair dries and I put my head down, the back of my hair is sooo stiff that it sticks out like the bottom of a wig -- I hate this! Has anyone experienced this? If so, what did you do? Help me please, my neck is getting stiff.

BTW, the only time I do not have this problem is when I twist my hair at night (using the same products) and take out in the morning.
Any and all answers and suggestions will be greatly accepted and appreciated. :wink:
3b or 3c (not exactly sure)
Currently using Paul Mitchell The Condition Leave-in, Paul Mitchell Shampoo, Fantasia IC Styling Gel and occassionally PM Styling Foam

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