Stuck between the world of curls and pin straight hair!

Two decembers ago for my christmas gift I got my hair japanese straightened. 6 months went by and I noticed that my hair grew out curly. I didn't mind it because I decided I missed my curly hair, it being fun to play with, though I kind of wanted it straight again. It stinks because I finally learned how to take care of my natural hair and only chin length is natural. The rest is still chemically treated. My sister's wedding is coming up and I'm not sure which is easier to work with, chin length 3b hair or stick straight hair that is mid back length? So should I re-straighten it or chop it off?


  • CalamityMCalamityM Registered Users Posts: 541 Curl Novice
    Many years ago I had my hair japanese straightened. It was wonderful the first time...really straight and glossy. The second time it really fried my hair. I had chunks of hair break off at the top of my head. The stylist said "sorry, I didn't work out as well as expected" and gave me a discount. I was really unhappy.

    I didn't really care how my hair looked at the time, because I always wore it in a ponytail. I grew out all my straightened hair, and I'm back to curly again. I have a picture of me a while ago trying to wear my hair curly. At the time I thought it was great, but you can clearly see that 3 inches at the bottom are still straight!

    I can't tell you what to do, but I am glad I am done with the whole straightening thing. It really is bad for your hair. I did it several times, and it was never as nice as the first time. I ended up with dry hair with lots of split ends.

    How about setting your hair will hair rollers? This way you will get a more uniform curl to your hair, and it will disguise the straight part?
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    I have my hair TR'd about every 8-9mo, when I have root growth I just use a CHI iron over the roots to keep it straight.

    Right now (because I am pregnant) it has been about 14mo and I have about 2-3" of curly growth- I just blowdry and use the CHI..

    I think chopping it all off can be drastic- can't you just straighten the roots with a flat iron until it is long enough to cut off the straight ends if you want to go back curly.

    I had the same grown with my first pregnancy and even with about 4" left of 'straight hair' and maybe 5-6" of curly, a quick trim and I was able to blend my curls into my hair fine (I had gone about 2 years because of getting married and pregnant right after in between treatments)..

    I don't think you need to chop it all off, unless you can really rock the super short hair- I would just work with it in between until it gets to a more comfortable length.

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