Is it me or has my hair texture changed while on CG?

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I've been doing the CG method for about 2 years now. My hair has always been wavy, bushy and curly, but since using the CG method, my hair seems like it has gotten softer. After washing my hair, my hair used to be a big, curly fro-- now, it's kinda limp, curly, frizzy and not as big. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Can't say that my hair has done that(gotten limper, or wavier). In fact, it's done the opposite. My curls are much tighter, more much uniform than it was prior to doing somehwhat of a modified CG routine. But I also stopped coloring my hair with harsh colorants, and use better products than I used to(not to mentioned, improved my overall health), so that may have contributed to the change.

    Are you strictly CG? Modified? What products are you using? What's your routine?
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    I keep seeing this CG term. Can someone please tell me what it means? :confused5: I would greatly appreciate it!!!
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    I keep seeing this CG term. Can someone please tell me what it means? :confused5: I would greatly appreciate it!!!

    MUCC - You can read more about CG here:

    As for me...I've been doing a modified CG routine for 10 months now and I feel that my hair is more defined and softer now as opposed to the beginning when i just looked like a fro. even my "kitchen" is soft now and it used to be the complete opposite. i suppose moisture is the reason for the change. I also think the fact that my hair is longer has something to do with the better curl definition.
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    I keep seeing this CG term. Can someone please tell me what it means? :confused5: I would greatly appreciate it!!!

    Curly Girl?
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    It may be time for a protein treatment because your hair may just be overmoisturized. Do you do heavy protein monthly like Apoghee? I would say to try a light to medium treatment and see how your hair responds after that :happy3:
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    Thank you so much, Miss Monie! You have been so helpful on this site and I really appreciate it!

    The funny thing is that I skimmed that book and bought it for my friend as part of her xmas present. I kinda thought it was better for her hair type than mine but now I see I can benefit as well.

    As far as CG, I was already half way there so I think I'll just jump right in! I gave up the brush (as per a hair dresser's recommendation when I was "straight" lol) and I rarely used shampoo now. :blob3:
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    Ever since being a CG. My hair has definately changed. Its softer, stronger, and more defined. Its even shinier.
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    My hair has changed, but I think the texture is the same. The texture is more defined because my hair is more hydrated. Also more length helped.
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