questions about CG friendly products

curly01curly01 Registered Users Posts: 284 Curl Neophyte
I am fairly new to the CG routine and am having trouble finding products that make my hair look good.
I did not have good luck at all with jessicurl. I had better luck with [buylink=]Devacare arc angell[/buylink] and Mop Top, but still not great. I'm not used to using such thick gels and didn't love them.
I like [buylink=]Curlisto Structura lotion[/buylink] mixed w/Control II, but am not sure if it's ok for CG. The SL has cetrimonium chloride and the CII has a cone but it's followed by "copropyl".
Also, the Curlfriends Control Gel says it has no cones or alcohols, but I don't see anyone listing it as something they use for CG routines.
I really want the whole CG thing to work for me, but right now it's not going very well.


  • JuicyTubeJuicyTube Registered Users Posts: 2,369
    Did you clarify before using CG friendly products? Have you tried any drugstore products? If not, look here for ideas:
    3b-3c CG
  • curly01curly01 Registered Users Posts: 284 Curl Neophyte
    Thanks for the website. I'll check it out.

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