Carol's Daughter users have you seen this?

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Well, I was going to write a thread about how hard it is at times to find a product that is without silicones and sulfates or something completely natural. I can find a lot of products that may work GREAT, and then all of sudden I look at the ingredients and then there maybe a few ingredients that you SHOULD NOT put in your hair. But then I was thinking about Carol's Daughter and then when I was trying to find the ingredients to that I found this.

After watching this. I found this part to be the most disturbing.

iodopropynyl butylcarbamate-• Thought to possible present risks to human reproduction and development, linked to potential for reduced fertility or reduced chance for a healthy, full-term pregnancy go to http://www.natural-skincare-authority... for more info on this chemical.

I see now how important it is to look at ingredients for the products that we use and the things that we eat.


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    Thank you for sharing this video!

    I'm not really surprised about her findings. I stupidly spent $50 at their flagship store since I got money for xmas/my bday and was dying to try their stuff. All of their products were greasy and weighed my hair down, except the leave in.

    I know different products work differently on diffrent hair but they are known for making "natural" products that don't contain petroleum and mineral oil so I was shocked at their greasiness. They also do not take returns for any reason (even if the bottle/jar is sealed) which I found strange.

    I did go back and purchase some bath salts but I will never buy a hair product by them again.

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