Denman to the Rescue?

LKahmilLKahmil Registered Users Posts: 241 Curl Connoisseur
So I have been reading various threads about this brush and had a few questions for people that have this brush or have used it... Many people said that they loved the brush but it causes shrinkage. My question is does this brush reduce frizz. I think at this point I can deal with shrinkage but this FRIZZ has got to go!


  • jeamariajeamaria Registered Users Posts: 1,851
    On my hair it frizzes, the roots and defines the ends. On wet or dry hair, the same result. A lot of people get more defined hair all the way through, or straight frizz. On my hair, the definition I lose at the root is easily regained by applying my styler.

    For me the benefits of Denman are a strong sturdy detangling tool, that used in sections does not pull on the hair and gets rid of shed hair better than any other comb or brush I've tried. It's also second to none when it comes to getting product through the hair.

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