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Has anyone used Mane 'n Tail conditioner before? I saw this lady tonight and she had beautiful curly hair, so I asked her what did she use on her 3B hair and she told me about Mane 'n Tail Condtioner that she got from Sallys. She said she uses it as a conditioner everyday and then put a lil more as a leavin, and its it airdry and doesnt even need a gel for hold.

So I was wondering has anyone tried Mane 'n Tail products?

If you did please do tell...:icescream:
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  • SnakecurlySnakecurly Registered Users Posts: 21
    I use Mane 'n Tail deep moisturizing conditioner.

    my hair love it. it give body to my curls. but it does have cones in it.

    I use it once or twice a week.
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    The same way as the girl described- I would use the conditioner like a regular conditioner, and also as my 'product'- so I would just add more like a leave-in, and there was really no need to any gel, or mousse... This was years ago, but I remember really liking the results!

    Hmm...maybe I should try it again!

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    Well, my hair likes cones so I think I'll give this a try. I saw some in Piggly Wiggly (don't laugh, I live in Ga and no, I don't drive Ms. Daisy...she gots her own car now)!

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    My mom used to make me use this when I was a little girl. I hated the smell. It's very super-heavy, which is why she used it (she used to think my hair was as thick and coarse as a horse's hair!)

    This was the only conditioner I've -ever- used that I had visible buildup. It made my hair feel greasy, even after it dried.

    I had thought about this conditioner a few weeks ago (while thinking of all the things I've tried to manage my hair with) and kind of laughed, wondering if they were still marketing this to people. Best of luck trying it, I had none! :dontknow:
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    I think I tried it years ago; I must not have been too impressed because I don't remember much about it.

    DH uses the shampoo. He's very thin on top and swears the shampoo has helped with that.
    shoulder-length 3a/b, depending on weather and products (or lack of products!)
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    I have had limited success with Mane and Tail when I wore my hair relaxed. Never thought about it for my curly hair though. My sister and I both used it years ago and it did seem to thin out our hair. My sister's hair was beginning to look thin like a horses tail. For me, the thinning was okay because my hair is very thick, but it seems that if you already have thin, fine hair it could make it even thinner. My sister did not like it very much and stopped using it after a short while.
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    I have used it as a leave in before. IMO it's better left to the horses. Even when I used it on my horse's tail I noticed a heavy build-up that seemed to attract a lot of dust and other junk. Now I use Nexxus Humectrus and I looove it!

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