MMU users, especially those who use Everyday Minerals

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I need to get a concealer, but I am not sure which. I have kind of olive skin with yellow undertones. I use winged butter as a foundation, if that helps. I am not sure if Sunlight or Intensive Light would be best. I intend to use it for my under eye circles. I tend to like more coverage, so I am leaning towards Intensive Light. If I order a kit I might be able to get both and see which I like.

OK nevermind. I priced the kit and it's cheaper for the kit(and I can get 2 concealers) than it was for just the 2 foundations and finishing dust I was going to get. I guess I can try both!


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    Hey ic, I love this line! My skintone is close to MAC NW25 or NC25 but both of them are way too yellow for me. Which is interesting, considering I mix several shades from EDM to mix up a perfect match, and 1 part of that mix is winged butter light. The multitasking concealer is perfect during the summer when I get a little more sun and I just use my foundation [intensive formulas] as a concealer in winter.
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    Are you getting a full kit or a sample kit to test out the concealers, IC? (I got a sample kit recently, such cute little containers!)

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    I want to get a full kit. I have already tried a sample kit. The concealer(Sunlight) in it was OK, but I was wondering if I might like something else better. I may as well get the kit and get some extras. :)

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