Nair "Shower Power" made me bleed :(

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Well, the short version of this is that I used a new Nair product, carefully followed the instructions, and wound up with bleeding, stinging legs. I know that not everyone will have the same kind of reaction, but I figured I might as well post about it. For the record my skin is very not-sensitive. That is, it's not insensitive, because there's normal sensation. But it's very uncommon for even stronger products to cause irritation.

"Shower Power" is a new cream depilatory from Nair which is more convenient for use in the shower than other products, because it is somewhat more water-repellent, and possibly somewhat stronger. Therefore, it can be used while showering, and can be left on for less time. Before using it, I read the instructions multiple times. I did the test patch, and it turned out fine, so I used it last night. The only thing that I did differently from the directions is that I applied it by hand, because the sponge it comes with was difficult to use. I applied it to my knees and lower legs.

The depilatory is supposed to be left on the legs for 3-10 minutes. After 4-6 minutes had elapsed (since I applied it to one leg before the other), I noticed that my legs were stinging. And then I noticed that I was bleeding! I washed the cream off right away, and then washed with soap. However, there are a dozen or so spots on each leg, with a diameter of about a quarter-inch, where the Nair managed to break through the skin. The stinging was very intense for two hours, and then subsided somewhat. It still stings a little right now.

So I'm curious if anyone else has had a bad reaction to Nair Shower Power, or if I'm just special.


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    Nair has always done that to me, even the regular formula, and I don't have sensitive skin usually either. I went to my senior prom with LOBSTER LEGS. They were on fire...whew...ruined my whole night...
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    Sensitive Skin Nair left me with splotchy red legs and scraggly looking hair patches. I will never touch the stuff again.
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    I've had a bad reaction to Nair before too. This was totally my fault, but one night when I was in high school I realized I didn't have any new razors. So I put Nair on my arm pits. OH MY GOD. Talk about a chemical burn. I was such an idiot.
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    I used Nair on my face once & it burnt a small hole in my upper lip. This was in high school so I can't remember if it was actually the kind for the face or for the body. BUT I have never bought that brand since.

    I now use Sally Hansen & love it.
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    Scary. I used Nair once on my legs many many years ago. I got scabs in my pores.
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    Huh. I waxed my legs tonight and not a problem...
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