Hyaluronic acid, how much to use?

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Anything with acid in the name makes me nervous. :lol: I don't want to over do it. I already have emu oil.


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    Mine comes in a dropper bottle and I use one *blop* of it. It's not harsh at all - actually very soothing and moisturizing. You'll love it!!
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    Thanks! :)
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    I use three drops of hyaluronic acid and 2 drops of Emu oil.

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    Mines in a pump bottle and I use one pump and two drops of jojoba oil.


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    Instead of applying hyaluronic acid to my hair, I actually take it in pill form as a supplement. Hyaluronic acid has sooo many health benefits, that I prefer to take it that way so more than just my hair can benefit from it. It's also a really cost effective way to take it. HA is great for hair and skin (for skin it'll restore moistire and elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and help plump it up), and it's also great for joint health. You of course won't notice an immediate difference in your hair as you do when you ap[ply something to it, but it makes a difference over time.
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    I'm reviving this thread to ask if people are using this mainly for fine lines/wrinkles...and well...does it work? lol

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