Try 11 Years of No Poo

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    Here's a good article I read today in the NY Times:
    Of Course I washed my hair...
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    Interesting article. Going shampoo-less just makes sense to me. For centuries people didn't even have shampoo, but if you look at paintings of people from the Renaissance, their hair looks good. The natural oils are there for a reason, to moisturize and protect the hair, and to give it shine.

    Shampoo dries up those natural oils, which causes the scalp to produce more oil. So a vicious cylce begins of oily scalp, shampoo, dry scalp, more oil, shampoo... If you throw hair products with silicones that are hard to remove into the mix, the cycle continues.

    Of course for some people during puberty the oil production can go crazy, but shampooing even more can create that cyle. Water washing and gentle scrubbing of the scalp will cleanse the hair and distribute the oils down the hair shaft.

    The 100 brushstrokes a day that girls and women practiced a century ago would have helped those natural oils protect the hair and add shine. Of course, brushing curly hair when it is dry wouldn't be a good idea, but brushing it when it's wet would get those oils down the length of the hair.

    Anyways, that's my two cents worth! :compress: Moptop, are you still shampoo-free?
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    Maybe it's a little hypocritical to be grossed out by the first article, but... I am.

    Going shampoo-less is one thing, but waterwashing just once every few months? Something I wouldn't admit to-- her hair doesn't "clean itself," and it's as unkempt and greasy-looking as when my teenage brother went through his long hair phase.:confused2:

    She looks very dirty... which makes the whole article kind of look like a big joke on her :(

    Edit: <a href="">this article</a> mentions lice infestations on her kids, and her hair's 'dog fur' texture. Thank god for co-washes :)
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    Haha PrettySinister!!! I was thinking the same thing. Had she looked amazing, with luxurious hair, I might have considered doing it myself!!
    She must have to wash her pillowcases often
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    Not even water rinsing is... interesting. Doesn't her hair smell like whatever she was cooking?

    Even the totally old school peeps went swimming once in a while.

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