Pics of Danae's first pigtails

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My 18 month old finally has hair that's long enough for little pigtails...she was very proud of them, of course. She is very enamored with her hair...such a girly girl! I have a feeling she inherited her mom's product-junkie gene, since she's always running around the house looking for either lotion or conditioner...ha! :toothy7:
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  • iris427iris427 Posts: 6,002Registered Users
    So precious!! :)
  • SweetPicklesSweetPickles Posts: 850Registered Users
    Awww! So cute! I've been wanting to try pigtails with my daughter. Her hair is finally long enough now, but it's just way too fine to keep those elastics in, they slip right out.
    nynaeve77 wrote: »
    I have a feeling she inherited her mom's product-junkie gene, since she's always running around the house looking for either lotion or conditioner...ha! :toothy7:
    Hee! My daughter does something similar, runs around asking for "makeup," which is her word for lip balm. I fear she's on her way to having my lip balm addiction!
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    So cute!
  • SigiSigi Posts: 2,379Registered Users
    What a cutie pie!
  • KaiaKaia Posts: 8,815Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Aw, little girls! :love1:
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    She's beautiful! That's my favorite look on my 4 year old!
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    She is adorable!

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    I remember when Kennedy had just enough to put in two ponies. So girly, girl! :wink:

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  • sarah42sarah42 Posts: 4,034Registered Users
    She's so cute!
  • cosmicflycosmicfly Posts: 1,814Registered Users
    So cute! I love putting Maya's hair up, but it is such a struggle most of the time.

    She has a Hello Kitty pocketbook with "sticklips" in it (lip balm), and she watches me put makeup on and pokes herself in the eye in imitation.
  • CurlieGlamourGirlieCurlieGlamourGirlie Posts: 1,198Registered Users
    Oh my god. That's the cutest thing!!!
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  • subbrocksubbrock Posts: 8,212Registered Users
    what an important acheivement for a little girl! yay for her and her pigtails.
  • internetchickinternetchick Posts: 6,191Registered Users
    Aaawww the cute pig tails on such a cute girl :)
  • medussamedussa Posts: 12,993Registered Users

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