Clinique 3-step cleaning system

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Anyone use it...likes/dislikes? I checked and it had many negative reviews. I was watching Clinique on QVC and just wanted any feedback. TIA
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    i used it when i was a teenager because it was the only thing going, but i wouldn't use it now. the soap is too harsh, toner isn't necessary for anyone and there are way better moisturizers out there for less!
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    cjc wrote: »
    Anyone use it...likes/dislikes? I checked and it had many negative reviews. I was watching Clinique on QVC and just wanted any feedback. TIA

    I use it and love it. I also use the Turnaround Concentrate twice a day after the Dramatically Different moisturizer. I love their All About Eyes eye cream in Rich.

    My husband doesn't use the 3 step but he uses the gel moisturizer and his skin looks great.
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    I used the Clinigue system for many years when I was in college and late into my 20s. I'm now 50 and wouldn't consider it for myself. I think it can be good for some people but I've found that my skin does best with a very mild cleanser and some very specific treatment products. I'm a big ingredient reader and most main stream systems include many ingredients that I would just as soon avoid while not including effective levels of the ingredients that I'm looking for. You might want to check out the long thread here and in the Over 40 section that discusses skincare routines.

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    The soap is harsh and the moisturizer makes me break out. The only thing I love is Clarifying Lotion. I've been using it for 20 years and nothing else compares.
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    It's an antiquated approach to skin care, imo. :thumbdown:

    I used it in my 20s, when no other companies seemed to be addressing my acne-prone skin. It did not help.
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    There's an urban legend that the Clarifying Lotion will also take off nail polish. I've always wanted to go up to a Clinique counter and give it a try.
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