I Hate my hair

emeraldgirl93emeraldgirl93 Posts: 13Registered Users
I have thick, curly hair that I have NO clue what to do with, I mainly just leave my hair down. I use Garnie Fruties moister works shampoo and conditioner. Any ideas on diffrent things to do with my hair?

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My hair is allergic to sissors!


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    what do you hate about it? Just the fact that you always wear it down?
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  • emeraldgirl93emeraldgirl93 Posts: 13Registered Users
    yea, i can never do anything with it
    Wisconsin Curly
    Shoulder Length 3a hair
    Last cut in Dec of 2011
    My hair is allergic to sissors!
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    Well, you're in the right place then. We can help you with your hair. :)

    First, you should know the basics. I recommend you get the book Curly Girl by Lorainne Massey from the library just to get a general understanding of curly hair care. The book isn't law, btw, but it's a good start.

    There is a lot of information on this site that tells you about the basics - why silicones are a no-no, CO-washing, etc. I'll see if I can find some posts for you...

    But in the meantime, I'll tell you some of the basics. Shampoo = bad. It sounds gross at first, like EW you don't wash your hair?! But most shampoos contain sulfates, or harsh detergents that do *too* good of a job of washing your hair (some sulfates are sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate). They strip the moisture from your hair and curly hair is especially moisture-lacking. Curly girls do wash their hair, just with conditioner (CO-washing) or with a gentle shampoo. But even curlies who use a gentle shampoo only use them once a week or so.

    Conditioner is your hair's best friend. Like I said above, curly hair is naturally dry. Conditioner moisturises your hair. But, not all conditioners are good for curly hair. Most conditioners contain silicones, which are essentially plastics that coat your hair to make it seem shiny and silky. Sounds great, right? I even see them reccomended all the time in magazines. But the thing is, silicones block out moisture from your hair. Remember, curly hair is already dry. And on top of that, to get the silicone build up out of your hair, you have to use a shampoo that contains sulfates. It's a double whammy, which is why most curlies avoid silicones. Some silicones are dimethicone, amodimethicone, cyclopentacyloxane (spelled that wrong, but it's something like that).

    So, you ask, what do you do with your hair? Well first of all, don't shampoo. And second, get a conditioner that works for your hair. Some cheap, effective conditioners are Suave Toasted Vanilla and Sugar and Activate Hydrating Conditioner. There are many many others, too.

    Also, don't brush your hair when it's dry! That will just poof out your hair! In the shower, put some conditioner in your hair, and gently use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to comb your tangles out. That's the only time you should "brush" your hair.

    There's a lot more stuff, but I can't type it all out right now. DEFINITELY check out the rest of the board and look around.
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