olay's microderm abrasion kit

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Is there any long term benefit to using it more?

Currently I use it about once a week or longer periods, as I have a tendency to forget. My skin looks great afterwards, but the effect doesn't last very long at all. The next day, it looks like I didn't use it. I know the bottle says I can use up to twice a week, but I never have because, well I'm cheap and I want to make it last. Am I just not using enough? I use it rather sparingly.



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    i've read that home microdermabrasion can be used 2-3 times a week, especially if you have problem skin (like i do)...i don't know if you've ever heard of it but on makeupalley a person suggested that you use the liquid FIRST then finish it off with the scrub, so essentially reverse the order....i like that way better!! give it a try. i know you think it'll last longer if you use it less but i think it's a good kit and i try to use it several times a week so i can get my skin right! good luck...
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    I've never had good results with micro-dermabrasion kits. I have had excellent results with this:


    I can't use it everyday, but if I use it every other day, it keeps my skin very soft and exfoliated. --And it's cheaper than most micro-dermabrasion kits.

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    If you like the exfoliation you get from those microdermabrasion home kits, you can buy the grit separately (called aluminum oxide or corundrum) and just add a little to your normal cleanser and it works just as well and is a million times cheaper. Here's one source:


    Don't add grit to the whole bottle of cleanser though. Just mix as much as you need each time in the palm of your hand...a little cleanser, a little scoop of corundrum...mix together and scrub your face with it. It'll rinse off a lot easier than the kit products, because it's a cleanser.
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    i use a complexion brush to wash my face twice a day. that exfoliates just as well.
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