Shopping Strategies -- please share

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Talking about clothes, here...

Let me give a few examples to start...but feel free to add your own. What works best for you and in what ways?

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  • hayseedladyhayseedlady Posts: 646Registered Users
    I hit the local consignment shops before I even leave town. If it's for a special occiasion I hit Kohl's, Gordmans, TJ Maxx, Marshals, Tuesday Morning and then run to Target. Wal-Mart is for groceries and household supplies, and cheap socks and underwear.

    I never go to malls or high end places, I don't wear makeup and my hair is easily controlled by cheap mass produced products.

    I'm a SAHM living on one income, with a pre-teen I can't afford to spend top dollar on anything. If I can get $70 jeans for $10 I do, the local consignment shop owners know me and I always get a discount for how much I do shop there.

    I can streach a penny into copper wire then sell that for scrap, I am the cheap.
  • bouncebounce Posts: 297Registered Users
    I find buying a complete outfit, accessories and all, works best for me.

    Then I know for sure that every thing will be used, and chances are, I can mix it all in with different stuff.

    Sometimes I try to shop in a color family. Like the other day I bought a bunch of brown, pink, teal, aqua, lime and cream - they all go together.

    I splurge on staples up front so I don't run into a "I want but I need" situation.

    I can only shop in really organized stores with good help or I get annoyed. I don't like looking through masses of unorganized clothes and I don't ever seem to grab the right size so if I'm alone, I need an associate to usually go grab my size.

    I'll shop anywhere.

    I typically only buy things that have a little "extra" - this goes for clothes and house decor. Like instead of a fitted white t-shirt, mine will have a sequined neckline or something like that. For every staple, you kind find another version with a little umph.
  • puffinpuffin Posts: 205Registered Users
    I don't really ever shop for complete outfits unless I'm looking for something for a specific event. I buy clothes that I can mix and match. I have a lot of neutral, white and black pants and skirts so I always have something to wear with one of my shirts. My shirts are usually more colorful/exciting than my pants. I've tried buying different color/patterned pants/skirts before but somehow I never end up wearing them because tops are harder for me to find than pants are so it's hard to find sth to match. Does this make any sense?

    I shop for clothes usually at the mall...places like Express, H&M, Ann Taylor. If you wait till the middle or end of the season (rather than the beginning), you can get some great sale prices at Express and Ann Taylor. And Gap I know, too.
  • slinky1slinky1 Banned Posts: 1,612Banned Users
    As if I am an expert... :roll:

    If there are some really nice white t-shirts, basic pants, or shoes that I see will look great, are comfortable and go with a lot, I buy them even if I don't need them (because such things are rare with me).

    I'm always on the lookout for a dress I I am prepared for a speical occasion.

    I will pay A LOT (over $100) for a good basic that I will ALWAYS be able to a basic, dressy cashmere cardigan.

    I shop online first to see what's available, and then go to the store. If I go online regularly, I can find out what goes on clearance before most I can get my size. I have all the store credit cards so I can get free shipping.
  • DayzieDayzie Posts: 233Registered Users
    I shop the sale wracks everywhere I go. I never buy anything at full price when it comes to clothes. It seems to work well. I have enough clothes to get me by, and when I need more I'm not shelling out a ton of money on a pair of jeans or whatever.

    I had a friend growing up whose family wouldn't even consider buying anything on sale, it was so uncool. And they only shopped at the nice, expensive places. The only way we could afford clothes from those places was when something was on sale, like at least 50% off or more.
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