How can I get my hair back to normal after this persistent straightening?

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I'm 15.... in 10 days!!! lol im o so veyr mature obviously lol. no but I used to have very long hair, the length meant that alot of the waves were kind of pulled out I suppose. When I got it cute shorter when I was about 12 I suppose it was not straight but not really as wavy as it had been. However, I used to let it dry naturally and allow it to go curly/wavy. I couldn't brush it if I didn this as it just went.. i dnt know everywhere. Then, just over a year ago I had my hair cut dead short. I hated it and started growign it back instantly. Between January and July last year I used to either straighten it and put it in bunches or let it go curly and then straighten the fringe. However in July I had my hair done at a new hair-dressers so it actually looked good, although I had to straighten it. I have been straightenign my hair daily ever since, apart from about three days perhaps where I have had it curled for a show. I receieved GHDs for xmas. My hair is now not properly curly or wavy at all. When I wash it it doesnt attempt to become wavy, it simply becomes messy with hints of curls but not presentable. I have to stragithen it. My plan was to straighten it untill it got longer and then begin to wear it natural. However, if my hair doesnt go back to normal I can't do this... any ideas?

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p.s I have posted this on other appropriate boards, I'm trying to make sure anyone who can help me will be able to. sorry if this is irratating


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    HI I WILL TRY TO HELP, BUT I AM NO EXPERT.(oops caps) i couldnt deal with my hair so i had it chemically relaxed. big mistake. now it is nothing but fuzz. no curl and not even close to straight. but because of advise here, in alot better condition.
    anyway, when i had my curly hair, it was 3b mostly, a few 3c and 3a in the mix. but if i let it air dry naturally it was a mess and not pretty. i had to condition it well and use alot of product for curly hair when wet, scrunch, (catwalk,redkin,...) then take a diffuser and set the curls in until mostly dry.scrunch in a little more product. it worked, i had lots of curls but what a pain. but mabie this will help until you can see if your curls come back more managable.sam2
  • lil' alexlil' alex Registered Users Posts: 10
    thanks =]

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