how much conditioner do you use?

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I was curious as to how much conditioner you use when CO washing? I know it says a teaspoon or so in Curly Girl, but that doesn't seem like enough for my shoulder length 2C-3A, color treated hair. I know some conditioners are much more rich and require less (like my tub of [buylink=]Too Shea[/buylink]) but sometimes when I use something like a VO5 or a Suave I put QUITE a bit more than a teaspoon in my hands! Do you find that you get more curls and waves the less conditioner you use? Just wondering...
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    I have a lot of hair, so that wouldn't be enough for me. I use as much as I need so it feels like it can spread easilly over my scalp. I really massage it into my scalp, and then I take lots of time to make sure it's all rinsed out properly! So far so good!
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    I use a large handful and my hair is very short...perhaps I use too much but I like to know every strand on my head is covered.

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    I don't cowash, but I always use lots of conditioner after I shampoo. I've found that hair curls more when introduced to more moisture.
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    It really depends on how rich the conditioner is and how dry your hair is. You may need a palmful (or more) of a thinner conditioner like Suave or VO5, or just a nickel to quarter size blob of a richer conditioner. But after the conditioner is worked through and rinsed a bit, your hair should feel like slimy seaweed.
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    I start with only a teaspoon and add more a little at a time if my hair seems to be soaking it up.

    I would rather start on the lesser side as my hair is fine and gets weighed down and/or greasy looking if I'm not careful.
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    I use about 4 - 6 oz of cheapie condish to co wash, and then about 2 - 4 tsps of rich condish like [buylink=]Too Shea[/buylink] to actually do the "conditioning" step. (We need new terms! Like first condish and second condish or something, I get so tired of telling people "i shampoo with conditioner")
    Anyway, yeah... it should feel like slimy seaweed when you are second step conditioning or whatever.... :confused2:
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    I'm about in line with jcrewgirl. One teaspoon would just never spread out over my scalp.
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    Oh?!? We're only supposed to use 1 tsp? I thought it was 1 tsp per section that we co-washed. :laughing6:

    I find that I have better results with a cheap conditioner for co-wash and rich stuff for the 2nd condish. (I agree, we need a better way to say this.)
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    Yup the teaspoon amount was thrown out the door. Especially with less humidity in the air right now. Glad to see that there are other wavies that like to slather it on!
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    I cowash and use about 2 quarters worth. Same amount for my condish. My hair is an inch or two past shoulder length but medium-ish/thick
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