seborrheic dermatitis

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If your baby had this on any part of his/her body, what did you use to get rid of it?


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    Mostly only on his scalp. We used Calendula Oil by Weleda after rubbing up as much as we could with a soft brush like thing. I can't remember when it finally went away.

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    Here's my dilemma. I have the junk between my eyebrows & on the sides of my nostrils, behind & inside the bottom of my ears & in my navel. :oops: It showed up in the 90s, disappeared, then came back worse than ever a few years ago.

    The doc I saw last year around this time for my problem gave me Elidel but I'm pretty sure that gave me zits behind & inside my ears & beside my nose, where I don't break out.

    I'm now on Retin-A for some lines, & zits around the chin. I'm hoping it helps keep away the "cradle crap", but just in case it doesn't, I'm on the hunt for ideas. And I figure, what better place to look & ask but here. ;)