So here's what I did today (after a much needed trim) to end up with a nice helmet of frizz over my hair...
I got my hair wet with warm water (with a cup) and put conditioner on the roots. I rinsed that out with the cup and then applied the rest of the conditioner to the length of my hair. For the final rinse, I used cool water and i combed through it with my fingers. I put Pantene Curl gel through my hair, blow dried it with a ceramic diffuser with my head upside down for volume. Then I added a very little mousse, blew dry it just a little more and left it a little damp to air dry the rest of the way. For the most part I LOVE the results in comparison to how loose my curls were before they are much tighter now. However, I have a good amount of frizz that I didn't have before. I don't know if it's the cut, the diffuser, the product or too much blow drying or not enough? I would be grateful for any tips though. What do you do to eliminate frizz?! Thanks!


  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Posts: 3,135Registered Users
    What variable(s) has changed besides the cut? Did you use the same products and diffuse the same amount of time as you did before the cut? How's the weather?
  • CuriousgirlgeCuriousgirlge Posts: 95Registered Users
    I changed my product to Pantene from FX Curls Up. I just bought the diffuser and it was the first time I used it... maybe I overused it. The weather is FREEZING. So much frizz gaaaah!
  • JamieVJamieV Posts: 158Registered Users
    I notice with myself, the colder it is, the more frizz I get. Did it get colder than usual? You mentioned it was freezing....
    2c thick, heavy waves. Started CG (lo poo) in July '07. before that I straightened it and used hot rollers for years. pw wavy

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