By flat ironing I ruined my curls.

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I dont know how long it will last.. but after flat ironing my hair. It hasn't been as curly.. it still is, but now my curls are less defined.. and more just.. dumb and frizzy looking. Plus I have these random straight parts in the front.. and randomly all over. This ever happen to anyone else?
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    I used to flat iron my hair everyday until I found this site a couple of months ago. Parts of my hair didn't have great definition for about a month afterwards, but since laying off the straightening, it's much better. Just give it some time, a trim, and keep your hair moisturized with deep treatments and a good daily conditioner, and it should bounce back soon!
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    The more I treat my hair like curly hair, the curlier it gets. Like, by the day. Where there were Ss last week, are now some corkscrews.

    My hair was pretty much straight when I was younger and gradually got curly over the years, so I had been treating it as straight hair and wondering what all the frizz was about. I woke up one day about a month ago and realized that I guess my hair is curly and maybe I should google how to take care of it, cause I had no clue.
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    I'm 15.... in 10 days!!! lol im o so veyr mature obviously lol. no but I used to have very long hair, the length meant that alot of the waves were kind of pulled out I suppose. When I got it cute shorter when I was about 12 I suppose it was not straight but not really as wavy as it had been. However, I used to let it dry naturally and allow it to go curly/wavy. I couldn't brush it if I didn this as it just went.. i dnt know everywhere. Then, just over a year ago I had my hair cut dead short. I hated it and started growign it back instantly. Between January and July last year I used to either straighten it and put it in bunches or let it go curly and then straighten the fringe. However in July I had my hair done at a new hair-dressers so it actually looked good, although I had to straighten it. I have been straightenign my hair daily ever since, apart from about three days perhaps where I have had it curled for a show. I receieved GHDs for xmas. My hair is now not properly curly or wavy at all. When I wash it it doesnt attempt to become wavy, it simply becomes messy with hints of curls but not presentable. I have to stragithen it. My plan was to straighten it untill it got longer and then begin to wear it natural. However, if my hair doesnt go back to normal I can't do this... any ideas?

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    p.s I have posted this on other appropriate boards, I'm trying to make sure anyone who can help me will be able to. sorry if this is irratating
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    Hi, I have recently done the same to my (once) glorious curls by succumbing to the evil that is GHD's!!! Now that I have stopped using (I know I sound like an addict :oops: ) my hair has grown out curly at the scalp and is straight at the ends. I'm spending alot of time deep conditioning my ends but this is leaving them flat and lifeless. I am finding however that scrunching in product every day does help my hair to be curly again. Please tell me there is life after GHD's, I want my hair back!!! :cry:
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    unfortunately, heat can permanantly damage your hair to the point that the curls will be distorted perse. anyway, hopefully your issue does not go that far. i hope your curls come back. my hair was dameged that way a year ago, but it has grown out. now i do no heat at all and my hair is so much better for it.
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