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CherishCherish Posts: 1,847Registered Users
Has anyone else tried the new body lotions from Olay?

I bought the one for extra dry skin, and I think I'm in love! I've been showering for no good reason... just so I can slather it on 8)


  • CherishCherish Posts: 1,847Registered Users
    Am I the only person in love with this stuff? :shock: 8)
  • rouquinnerouquinne Posts: 13,737Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    i got a sample in the mail a few weeks ago - i'm signed up on the Proctor & Gamble website - and think it's over-priced for what you're getting.
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  • CherishCherish Posts: 1,847Registered Users
    You're right it's pricey. But I think to find a lotion that's comparable, I would have to get something non-drugstore, which would still mean more $$.

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