How came straight-haired people cant understand curlies?

~SPONTANEOUS~~SPONTANEOUS~ Posts: 20Registered Users
I go to school with a whole bunch of straight haired people (really im the only curly head over there) and they always ask me why I dont brush my hair. And I just say that I dont have Shirly temple curls and they just look at me like im crazy! What can I do to not make them think im so weird?:afro:


  • snapssnow92snapssnow92 Posts: 170Registered Users
    explain to them what makes curly hair so unique. you can also just ignore them and tell them how wonderful your hair is. DON'T CONFORM! that'd be the worst!

    good luck and do let the straight-ies get you down!angry9:
  • marmonettemarmonette Posts: 4Registered Users
    They're probably trying to get a rise out of you.

    My advice would be that the next time they say something to you regarding your hair, just keep walking with your head held high and rock your curly hair.

    Flaunt your beautiful curly hair!:)
  • Flower princessFlower princess Posts: 608Registered Users
    It's difficult to explain things to some people.It's just because they aren't used to such type of hair.Just tell them that you'll end up with frizzy hair if you comb it!Ex.if you comb a curly doll (she ends up with frizzy hair) or tell them it will spoil your curls that's why when people curl their hair the don't comb it.If they still don't understand then leave them.They don't need to have an explanation for every thing..:)Good luck and be careful coz u never know what is their intention.
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  • ava.nemieava.nemie Posts: 9Registered Users
    ugh... I had the same problem in middle school >_<

    Advice, is just to either tell them off and rock your hair!
    or.. ignore them.

    Senior year of Highschool and after, the straight haired girls tend to be jealous of us girls with curls! ^_^

    So... Keep your head up and be proud of your curl hair!

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