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So, in January, I got hit with the flu. I was truly out of commission for three full weeks.

My hair was not pretty.

A couple of times during the three-week period, I went four days without doing anything to it -- no washing, no rinsing, no conditioning, nothing. (Part of the problem is that the house I live in is like a meat locker in the winter, and the cost of heating it is prohibitive, so I just pile on the clothes to stay reasonably warm. The thought of getting my head wet while I was sick had no appeal whatsoever.)

I desperately wanted to shampoo it by day three or four but between the freezing cold environment and the fact that I threw away all my shampoo when I went CG prevented me from following through on that desire. On day four, I just conditioner washed with some brown sugar.

To my amazement, that was enough. Not once, but twice! I thought for sure I would need more than that but I didn't. When I felt totally well, I also did an ACV rinse.

I am happy to report that I, my hair, and my scalp are completely recovered. And the experience really proved to me that any desire for shampoo is based on societal conditioning -- not my hair's actual need.

I am truly free of shampoo's evil lure!
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