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Hi guys, my hair is long (few inches past brastrap) and wavy when I leave it alone, and can get spiral-ey when I scrunch it. It is currently layered, (not too heavily). It's not too thick, really. But not fine. It's like medium.

I don't really like layers in my hair, I think it looks much nicer when I had it all one length. However, in order to cut off all of these horrid ends that I have (the last stylist "shattered" my ends pretty high up. She took scissors and just hacked away at the ends, looks awful.

Now my hair will probably have to be cut to about bra strap length or a little above. I don't want poofy hair on the bottom around my face when I wear it down.

So what if I had her cut the back in all one length and gradually added some layers around my face? would that work? Can you have layers just framing your face and the back going down into like a slight U-shaped blunt?

I'm just not into spending tons of time on my hair. I pull it up a lot, I wear it in ponytails, buns, braids, and a lot of times I wear it half up-half-down... etc. I just think the long layers around my face might make it look a little less blobby when I do wear it completely down. Plus the layers around my face, when pulled back might make it look nicer in the back coming out of the barrette. AND when I wear it in a ponytail, the ponytail might look nicer, so it's not just one big blob of hair. There will be some short pieces kinda sticking out here and there.

But I want it to lay nice in the back, all one length back there looks great for my hair. just not around my face.

Can someone who has blunt cut wavy hair post a pic? I know someone here who had blondish hair posted a pic once of her blunt cut and it was very pretty.

and do you guys think layering around the face but one length in back is ok?

Thanks guys...
sorry if this was long and confusing.


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    I don't have any pics, sorry, but I think what you're describing would be pretty! It's kinda the look I'm aiming for once my hair grows out. I'd go to a different hairstylist, though - one who will listen to you. You could ask for face-framing angles and one length (no layers) in the back.... But a picture is your best bet, I agree.
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    Well, on the bad side, I think layering the sides and leaving the back all one length might end up looking like a "mullet".

    But on the good side, you could always give it a try, and if you look like Billy Ray Cyrus then just have your hairdresser add layers in the back.

    Good luck!
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    I have the dreaded layers to avoid the pointy headed look bah!
    However I do have my face framed with layers that are just to frame the face, they don't match the other layers. I always have. I like it on people. It also helps keep the hair out of my face so that's an added bonus

    If my hair wouldn't go pointy on top from the weight pulling it down I'd have face framing with all one length in the back. I get better spirals with all one length.
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    The beauty editors at Allure magazine recently confessed their "untold secrets." One of my favorites was their claim to the perfect haircut. They're right, this IS the most flattering haircut on almost every face type: a little shaggy and layered. How to get it? Here are some tips:
    • Layer The key is not too layer too much in back. The best layers are left to the front and are meant to frame the face, but never go above the eye on short hair or above earlobes on long hair.
    • Don't go too long Don't grow your hair more than a few inches below the collarbone. According to Allure's editors, few women over age 18 can get away with hair that falls below their breasts. (Sorry Gwyneth).
    • Go for the "v-shape cut" Actually, this is my tip, not Allure's. If you have long hair, get your hair cut in the back in a v-shape. It allows for extra length without leaving you looking too "high school," plus it's a classic look for long hair that's universally considered sexy.
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    Thanks guys! :love1: and thanks lazyloops! That is pretty much what I'm talking about... yay. :) It does make sense after all.

    and greatschu... you're not understanding what I mean at all, because there is zero chance it would look anything close to a mullet. :lol:

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