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After much worry over where I would get my first hair cut in England, I went to Saks in York on the recommendation of a curly girl at work. I know that they are a chain, so their service might be different in other cities, but anyway, this is my experience:

First of all, the hairdresser sat me down in a chair and discussed how I wanted my hair done before she sent me to get my hair washed. So she could tell how wavy my hair was before she started cutting it. My previous hair salon experiences have been that the receptionist would send me to get my hair washed as soon as I came in, after it was washed I would be instructed to sit in my hairdresser's chair, so that when the hairdresser saw me, my hair was always completely straight because it was soaking wet, so she had no idea how my hair "worked".

When I told the Saks hairdresser how short I wanted my hair cut, she said "I'm going to leave it longer because the waves will make it curl up even shorter." When I told her that I wanted it angled around the front (I had grown my hair out all one length because I recently got married and wanted it to be very easy to style for the wedding), she insisted that I not get my hair layered. Give that woman a gold star!!

I told her that I wanted a style that I did not have to blow-dry straight. Usually, when I say that to hairdressers, they blow-dry it anyway, but tell me that, if I want to, I can just wash it and towel dry. Apparently, they don't want to have a client seen walking out of their salon with non-blow-dryed hair. But the Saks hairdresser just added some mousse, scrunched my hair and then diffused it, stopping while it was still damp. She even had me turn my head upside down and sort of pushed the bowl of diffuser up so that it kind of crunched my hair up. Is this the Pixiecurl method?

This is the first time I have ever walked out of a hair salon with nice-looking waves, rather than a straight haircut that I know I will never be able to replicate.

I am very pleased.


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    :D ~ sorry, im in UK searching for stylists -- sounds like u just found me one for my list~ can u give some details of location and contact info plz?


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