Shaping versus a cut

GinGin2GinGin2 Registered Users Posts: 26
My hair is at the stage where it's kind of shaggy and needs some fine tuning. I'm starting to look like a bubble head. Do you think I'm risking it or should I just wait through that period until the upper layer grows out a bit more?
3AB/2A/fine/medium. Recently had hair cut to more layered, tapered, and so far so good. Light brown hair, reddish highlights.


  • solangesolange Registered Users Posts: 2,539
    Can you post a pic?? it's hard to say without seeing your hair. I was in the same boat and got a big cut on Weds taking me from BSL to shoulder length but I sooo love my hair shorter. It looks and moves 1000% better this way.
    3C, BSL Unstretched -

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