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i naturally am around a 3a to 3b if you would put ringlets into that group.
i was "blessed" with both parents having curly hair and i of course got it from them. i watch home videos with my cute pony tails and stuff and realized how cute it was.

well back in the begining of 7th grade i got my hair cut a "little" to short and it was grossly short. to this day my STRAIGHT haired friends always bring it up as the curly bob i had. so i had it relaxed twice and it seemed easy to manage until my roots grew out and it was going back to curly but it almost seemed worse. my ends were damaged, my curls were more like crimps and every strand did its own thing. now im trying to grow it out but like its hard because its long and it never turns out how i like. after gym classes which means taking shirts on and off and running around it gets messed up. and im always parinoid how the back of my head looks (haha) cause i feel like i missed a spot with my mouse so i have a frizzy patch or something. and when i look at my hair i have like different types of layers of curls and its just really really hard.

one thing im reallllly excited about is that my parents and i are going on a vacation to florida and we are going to get our hair cut by a curly hair specialist! were driving from the complete North to the down South(east). we found her on this site and i really couldnt be more excited that someone knows exactly what im talking about.

so really im just wondering if theres someone that can relate to me and if they have done something to make there hair work.


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