How should I do my hair at the 8th grade dance?

marisak1marisak1 Posts: 1Registered Users
I want to wear it curly for sure, definetly no straightening. I think I'm getting it relaxed, so it won't be as crazy. but my hair is about to my shoulders, dark brown and curly. So any ideas? I'd prefer to wear it mainly down. Some of it up is okay.


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    Bobby Pins!!!!

    Just pull up random pieces and secure with bobby pins (criss cross 2, maybe 3 so they stay) on the top of your head!

    It's pretty, it's neat, it's still curly but will keep it out of your face while your dancing!
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    idk how curly your hair is, but naturally im in the middle of a 3a 3b and i had ringlets and by relaxing my hair i completly ruined it

    so my advice to you is not to relax it at all. because if you do have really curly hair and the relaxer makes that much of a difference, your roots will grow out curly and the rest of your hair will be straighter and youll either have to keep relaxing it or waiting for it to grow out

    best wishes

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