I'm falling off the wagon.

mayramayra Registered Users Posts: 13
I've been a CG for over 1 yr. It's been going well, but the shrinkage is turning me off.
When I was using "the bad stuff"(silicone and shampoo) it wouldn't shrink as much, but of course the curls were not as defined as they are now.
It's also been very dry. Specially in the back. I learned through CG that I'm sensitive to protein (milk protein is the worse for me) so I stay way from it.


I also made an appointment for a BKT in 3 weeks. There's still time to cancel it, but I'm not liking my hair right now. I really wanted to love my curls...

I guess I'm just venting, but also looking for solutions.


  • shellynotshellynot Registered Users Posts: 1,140
    It is your decision, but i would wait to relax it! Relaxing seems like a good idea, but most of the people i've known who have relaxed their hair really regretted it after the initial compliments stopped coming. I've thought about relaxing my hair from time to time, but I always realize that for me, the con's outweigh the pro's. Any kind of chemical relaxer is extremely damaging to the hair, although you may not notice it right away. Also, you'd have to continue to relax it every few months (which just gets more damaging each time), unless you want to go through the transitioning stage, which isn't pretty.

    If you think that having straight hair would be more self-satisfying though, than no one should stop you. Its a personal decision, one you have to make for yourself.

    But I think you should keep your curls and continue to work with them!!! I've been cg on and off for 4 years, and I think of it as a journey, a challenge, to get the best curls i can.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!! *hugs*!!!
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  • mayramayra Registered Users Posts: 13
    Thank you, Shellynot.

    I'm gonna cancel my appointment and wait a little longer. I just ordered some Jessycurl products. I'm hoping that will make a a difference.
  • JamieVJamieV Registered Users Posts: 158
    Yay! Stick with the curls! You will probably be happier with healthy curls than damaged straight hair.
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    Mayra, I really hear you about the length thing. Since I started CG in August 2007, I feel like my hair hasn't grown at all -- but my curls are the most defined and bouncy of my life, so I guess that's the trade-off. <sigh>

    I keep telling myself to look at the all the women who do have long, curly hair and that if they could wait, so can I. I also keep telling myself that if I like the way my hair looks at this just-past-jaw-length stage, imagine how much I'll love it when it hits my shoulders! Whee!

    But yeah, the waiting is excruciating...
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