Is flax oil OK for a one year old?

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Anyone heard of any drastic side effects from this? I've googled info on this before and came across pretty much pro-flax oil info for infants, but I want to make sure. I know it's high in omegas, so that's a plus, but how young is too young for you to get them started on flax oil? And, if it's safe, is it a better alternative to fish oil?

I've already started putting in drops of flax oil into my 13-month old's foods, and have seen so far that it makes her stools much softer (so I'm dealing with a lot of yucky diapers, but at least it seems to be working well on her digestive system). I just want to make sure it's safe to proceed.....

(I've called the pediatrician office to address this question more than once but still haven't heard back from them...)