If you were going to make up a gift basket...

csbcsb Posts: 225Registered Users
like the grab bag one from CurlMart, what would you put in it? I'm thinking of giving myself one as a birthday present. I'm 2b with some 3a, though I've been straightening lately (long story). I live in a VERY humid climate. I have an oily scalp. My hair likes proteins in summer and 'cones in winter. My HG so far has been Ouidad Climate Control, though it leaves me a little more crunchy than I like, and gives a bit too much of a wet look. Shampoo (with SLES) is usually OK, though I feel like I should use something less harsh. I DON"T like using tons of stylers: two is probably my maximum. I have to be careful using too many botanicals because they can cause my skin to break out. Suggestions?


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