Will anything add thickness to hair?

My hair isn't exactly fine, but it's no longer thick either - least not as thick as it was. :disgust: I know we start to lose hair thickness as we age. I'm not very old (26), but I know my hair is not as thick or as curly as just 2 0r 3 years ago. My mom's hair has thinned a lot over the years and my dad is bald. :happy4:
What can I do to reduce the thinning of my hair? Anything? Some people on the Growing Out board swear UltraNourishair vitamins have caused their hair to grow in thicker. I've been taking those. I know volumizing/thickening products often drain the hair of moisture and don't give lasting results, though I've heard good things about Thicker Fuller Hair shampoo. It doesn't appear to have any bad ingredients. I know that will only give temporary results, though. What else can I do?

I swear wearing my hair back has thinned it out some. I've worn it back almost every day lately because I'm going through an awkward growing out stage. I think relaxers and hair color have affected it some, too. I've been cutting back on coloring (don't relax anymore) and heat styling. Do you have any tips for getting thicker hair?
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    I really don't have any advise for obtaining thicker hair, just comiseration about the thinning. My hair is less curly and less in quantity (strand wise) than it was a few years ago as well. I'm 35 and it seems that just like with your experience, the years of constant updos and coloring before I went CG have affected the overall thickness of my hair strand and the amount of hair also.
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    Aubrey B5 design gel seems to give me fuller hair.
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    i identify with this, my hair is thin tho from the front it does not look it (cotton candy effect). i envy people that have nice thick hair in the back. my hair in the back always has an awful looking part. i guess that not stressing the hair can at least keep it from getting much thinner, especially in a young person.
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