Matrix Opti-Smooth?

Has anyone had this treatment done? What are your thoughts about how it turned out?
f you’re crazy about your curls but want more control, and less frizz, ask your stylist for an Opti.smooth cold-smoothing service. If you’re dreaming of silky smooth hair that’s permanently straight, ask your stylist for an Opti.smooth heat-straightening service with a flat iron.

i was thinking about having the cold one done to my hair so it will be more manageable...does anyone know how much it runs?


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    I know this was asked seven years ago, but here we go.

    I got the Matrix Opti-Smooth (hot) treatment done on my hair last year. To give you a little background, my hair was a hot MESS before I got it done. It was damaged, so damaged in fact that my brown hair looked almost blonde at the ends. It looked like a rat's nest made out of hay. (I don't color my hair or use heat on it, and I'm still unsure of what caused that type of damage. It was probably from pulling it back so often and using elastic hairbands/not knowing what I was doing.)

    I got the treatment done and it changed my hair into beautiful, smooth, shiny curls. The weird part is, it was supposed to be straight, but it moreso relaxed my hair into perfect curls. It was 'wash and go' ready. I absolutely loved it despite it not having worked in making my hair pin straight like I wanted, but I was happy with the outcome.

    Somehow it fixed or masked the damage done before. A year later, I'm looking at getting it done again since the growth coming in is so curly and it's not laying right.