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Being a recent college grad still looking for a job, I have a lot of time on my hands! I want to do some reading but I really don't know what to read! I'd really be interested in some kind of self evaluation or I guess self help type books, but I don't have any particular issues I need to get "help" with. Are there any general, make-your-life-the-best type books that you would recommend?

Also, my bf and I talking about moving in together, if there are any books relevant to that in any way, that would be cool too! I guess just anything that pertains to real life and would be relevant to me....TIA


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    I have never read self help books, but last time I was at the library I picked up a copy of Why do I love these people?.This is copied from Amazon:
    From Booklist
    Bronson interviewed 700 people, 19 of whom are chronicled here. His book is "about decoding the mystery of family life." The stories center on men and women who lead satisfying lives with their families despite destructive childhoods, people who overcome their impulses to repeat what was inflicted upon them, and those who heal in their own particular way, not conforming to any fashion. There are some relationships rescued from the brink and some people whose lives improved after a much-needed divorce or break from their parents. Some couples created compromises by which both get their needs met and contribute equally to the family culture. Others take responsibility for the rest of their lives and no longer let themselves be victims of their experiences. The author examines such subjects as divorce, death, illness, money, prejudice, and abuse. The author of What Should I Do with My Life? (2002) posits that to give and receive love during hard times, it helps to have been shown how beforehand. George Cohen
    Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

    I should add that I haven't read it yet. It's not long though.
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    Try out:

    In the Meantime by Iyanla Vanzant - I read this and bought 6 copies for all my friends, most liked it, one hated it. I also made my current SO read it when we first met almost 7 years ago.

    Write it Down, Make it Happen - it works, I wrote down everything I wanted to accomplish in a notebook, several years later I rediscovered the notebook and had accomplished everything I had written down, no joke.

    Eat. Pray. Love - not a self help but a story about a woman's spiritual journey.


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