CSI premiere-spoilers...maybe

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Okay, so I am not sure if I get CSI before everyone or after evreyone or if we are even on the same season! But anyhoo~ last night I watched the season premiere where Sarah is caught in the turned over car and then lost in the desert! WOW. I was crying and freaking out (I'm a loser)! So, i thought it was so sweet how when she came to and saw Grissom's name tag, she felt safe. Well, I felt like she felt safe anyway... I felt safe for her!
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    That was our season-premiere in September. Wasn't that a great episode? I loved the end, too, where she saw his nametag. :D
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    Tonight's CSI is a rerun...:cry:
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    shelli, don't feel bad...I'm still trying to catch up on CSI: Miami... :blob7:

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    Yup, that's an old episode. We on this side of the pond are now out of new CSI episodes because of the writer's strike. :(
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