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Why is it that manufacturers list the ingredients in the teeniest, tiniest letters which is impossible to read, especially when the product is clear and it doesn't show up. Good grief - sometimes I stand in the drug store for what seems like hours trying to read everything. Sometimes there seems like there are 50 ingredients in the product. I might be missing some good products, but I get sick and tired of trying to read them:cry:
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    SO true! I particularly hate the ones with low contrast font on reflective bottles. I try to photograph ingredient lists and then type them into the Product Reviews area, but some are simply impossible to get a readable shot of because of the glare from the overhead lighting on the bottle (Sexy Hair Concepts, this means you).

    I really appreciate brands like Nexxus, Alterna, and Abba who post their ingredients on their own sites! Also, I find them more trustworthy since they are making an extra effort to provide their ingreds in a readable venue instead of just on the bottles (and Alterna's lime green on orange bottles has been classic example of difficult to read so their online ingreds are particularly awesome).
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