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Well, I've been searching and searching on this site for quite awhile and find it to be a great source! However I am new to this 'thread' thing!!! Honestly, this is my first so bear w/ me! I was wondering can anyone tell me what this 3a talk etc is about?
But besides that my biggest reason for joining was I hope someone can give me some much needed advice about perms!!! I thought I had curls that I hated but now looking back at pictures I guess I loved my hair ( sad right?!!) so I thought a perm would help, but I have been hiding under a hat now for quite some time. Anyone have any options as to what I should do? Am I stuck w/ this hair? Will this be how my curls always are now? My hair is now quite flat on top and tiny small ringlets underneath. Bummer...
But thanks for any advice, I appreciate it!!


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    Without a photo, I'm not sure if you truly look bad -- or just think so, heh :wink: But, despite being born with curly hair, over the years, I had a few perms to enhance my curls. Now, in my case, my perms looked totally natural and lovely. I'm sure yours isn't that bad at all, but take heart, perms do grow out! If you love your curls, but hate your perm, try some styling products to assist in making your hair more attractive. There is always something that can be done. Otherwise, in order to lose the perm quickly, get your hair blown out often or straight iron it yourself regularly, and those curls will grow out more quickly. Not sure if I helped at all, but good luck!
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