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After reading all of the replies for Curly Hair - I can't help but notice how many of you have CK after your names or in your hair regime. Just how many of you are there? Do you use other products with it? Do you use specific products during humidity; other ones during the dry season? :blob7:
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    I always use CK with some other styling product as well, most always sometype of gel.
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    I use it in the warmer months in humid climates. For me, it is not a standalone product, I have to use it with something else for hold.
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    I haven't quite figured CK out yet. Sometimes my hair loves it and other times it's horrible.:scratch: - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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    In warmer months, I use it alone with a tiny bit of gel over if needing some hold that colder months, I use it with some curl balm/cream over it, adding a little gel if necessary. Works good for me without weighing my hair down. :)
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    I love CK to keep down the frizzies. I usually add gel on top for tighter curls and more hold. For "at home" days when I don't feel like fussing, I'll use it by itself and end up with non-frizzy soft loose curls. It's great stuff!
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    I use it daily. I tried not to use it this fall/winter but ended up going back to it. I do not use it alone - there would always be a gel over it (among other things depending upon my mood). I have been experimenting with using CK first and then a leave in or a leave in then CK. I have not decided which is best yet.
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    When you say you use it with a gel - do you put the gel on at the same time while your hair is wet? What kind of Gel do you use? Are we still looking for 'no cones' or anything else? What about curl creams - do you use them instead of gel? I've tried
    Aveda BeCurly, but found it was sticky and gumpy.
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    CK didn't do anything for me, neither good nor bad. A very neutral product for me. I use Jane Carter Solution [buylink=]Condition & Sculpt[/buylink] instead.
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    CK has become my must have product. I shampoo with [buylink=]Deva No poo[/buylink], use Deva OneC as a leave in conditioner, then I hand rake in quite a bit of [buylink=]Curl Keeper[/buylink] (on really wet hair", then finish wby scrunching in a little gel or [buylink=]Re:coil[/buylink].

    It's been working pretty well for quite some time now. I routinely get 2nd and 3rd day hair.

    I just splurged and bought the giant bottle of CK, so I should be set for months to come. :wink:
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    Help! I finally got my CK and used it over the weekend.
    Not sure if i used it correctly as my hair became drier to the touch while putting in this product. I hear so many good things about it and wanted to know if anyone else experienced this problem? My hair once dried was not frizzy but the curl was so tight. I am looking to soften my curls so can anyone advise me how to use the ck and if there is another product i should try? I should say we have hard water so i use VO5 Mint Tea cond. to wash my hair i think is 3a but when using ck its more 3b/3c. i really need some help from the cg out there. :sad8:
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    You want looser curls? :? Maybe you can comb out the curls instead of scrunching, etc.

    I use CK after a leave-in. Sometimes I use gel over it, but haven't been lately.
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