no/low poo and color treated

When you are doing no/low poo, how does this affect color treated hair?

I really need to dye my hair. I use Nice and Easy permanent haircolor-112 to be specific and I haven't dyed my hair since starting the CG method. The conditioner that comes in the box with the dye is good and leaves my hair soft and manageable. i just want to know if there is anything else I need to do.


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    I don't know if this helps you or not, but I usse Natural Instincts on my hair (a rich brown color) I have done it two times since I started CG. I did not use the conditioner it came with but after reading the ingred. I think it is safe, but I chose to use my reg. V-05 and just used a little extra after coloring.
    It turns out great-shiny, silky ad rich in color. I do notice a tiny bit more frizz but only after the first maybe 2 times of washing it after I color. (but not a lot of frizz)
    The color stays good too. I use lo-poo on my roots about 2 or 3 times a week. The does fade a tiny bit easier on CG I think because of he ACV rinses and baking soda rinses that I do every couple of weeks. But my hair is already brown anyway, I only color it to make it a little richer and shinier. So thats not a huge deal. And it fades really gradually, like its kind of supposed to anyway I guess. But I still get good results using it while also being modiified CG.
    Hope this helps?
    2c thick, heavy waves. Started CG (lo poo) in July '07. before that I straightened it and used hot rollers for years. pw wavy
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    That does help. Thanks. I am coloring to hide the gray that started at age 18.

    I used Organix coconut creme shampoo and conditioner this morning for the first time and loved it. My leave in is Aussie.
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    I would just suggest reading the ingredients of the conditioner they provide you with, to make sure it's CG-friendly.

    Being CG is generally very color-friendly. Shampoo fades dye, so if you aren't using any (or if you're using a gentle 'poo) your color will not fade as quickly.
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    When I poo, I'm using Organix Coconut Milk or I'm doing the co wash routine. It seems to be going really well. I'm air drying, too.
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    JamieV wrote: »
    ... I usse Natural Instincts on my hair

    I use Natural Instincts, too, but I use a medium auburn shade on medium/light brown hair. I have a few grays that I am covering, while adding some pizzazz to my natural color. It looks quite natural and lasts much longer than it would if I shampooed daily like I used to. I've heard that reds fade much faster than any other color.

    I usually use a V05 conditioner (Vita Burst Nectarine Orange Surge, right now) to wash with daily (and Devacurl's Low Poo once a week). I just use it all over my head, work it through well, and rinse it all out. Then I use Devacurl's One Condition and leave it on until I'm done with the rest of my shower and rinse well. I just wrap my hair in a MF turban-like towel until I'm ready to put product in and style. I hate to use tons of product, so it's either MJ [buylink=]Curly Pudding[/buylink], KK Curling Custard, or MJ [buylink=]Curly Meringue[/buylink]. I can usually go about 3 months without having to color my hair again.

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