3B curly hair..to cut or not to cut?!

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Well my hair is like corkscrew curls...my last haircut was in October 2007..and i got it layered..and it looked great..but i thinnned it out..and now it grew out..so it looks more afro-ish. but in general my hair when curly is up to my shoulders..and when i straighten it its up to just a little shorter than my mid back..I want a new change..i want to cut it up to my shoulders (while its straight)...so how short would that make my curly hair..and would u guys reccommend anything different..should i thin it out again..get more layers? or should i cut it to a different length?

Anything would help...thanks=)!


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    I had my hair about halfway down my back in Fall 2006 and decided I wanted to go shorter...much shorter! I totally trust my stylist and she cut it so that once it curled it barely touched my shoulders. I loved it. It was so easy to style and it looked really cute. I think that it reached my shoulders when it was straight.

    The only bad part was that it was hard to clip up and impossible to pull into a ponytail for exercise.

    I've grown it back out for a friend's wedding, but can't wait to cut it again.

    I think layers are ok, but I'm not sure about thinning it out. I've heard both sides of the argument. My stylist takes some of the volume out when she trims it, but is that technically thinning it out? :scratch:
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    Never let a stylist use a thinning shear, razor, notching shear or any other bizarre tool on your curls...

    These days all they want to do is thin, shatter, collapse, and shag out the weight of our hair until it explodes.

    I would suggest an ever-so-slightly long layered style of some kind...maybe just touching your collar bone. That's always a safe and flattering length...it just depends on the shape of your face, the texture of your hair and the amount of curl you have...

    When you ask a stylist to "take the bulk out" typically they reach for a thinning shear and just start making quick cuts throughout the middle of the hair shaft.

    Maybe ask them to do it by layering leaving a blunt clean end, or chasing the point and following the round of the head.

    Good luck. :)
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