My story / nightmare

I have a bad history with my hair. Starting ten years ago I tried relaxing it but that totally messed it up. I changed hairdressers a few times and they all talked me into trying it again. Finally I had enough and grew out all the relaxed hair. I took good care of my hair and after a few years it was healthy and between my shoulders and the middle of my back.

So last week I went to JC Penny salon to get the ends cut. The lady asked my "Is 1 inch ok?" I told her yes, 1 inch but no more.
So she cut my hair 1 inch. Then she said she will now use the thinning sheers. I've had it done before and it turned out great so I let her do it.
Well, she messed up. BIG TIME!!! :angry7:
My hair is now between my ears and shoulders!!!
I feel so sick about it. I didn't have to pay and got a $50 gift certificate. But my hair is lost. It will take years to grow it back. :sad2:
I keep crying about it. I feel like I have been violated in a really bad way. :sad10:

So, this is how I found this site. I want to make extra sure that my hair is healthy and grows back fast.


  • susancnwsusancnw Registered Users Posts: 1,374 Curl Novice
    Sparkly, hon, I am so sorry. That sort of trauma is hard to get over. I've heard here recently that Biotin and Lysine are good to grow healthy hair quicker (good for your nails also). I cannot imagine how she managed to take off that much hair with the thinners, esp when you had been very specific on how much to cut off. WHAT was she thinking?

    Mope and cry, but also be determined to make what you do have left look its very best.
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  • cymprenicympreni Registered Users Posts: 9,609 Curl Neophyte
    ((hugs)) I'm sorry
  • snapssnow92snapssnow92 Registered Users Posts: 170
    hope it grows back soon. well, at least you can experiment with different styles now! :sad8:
  • KurlyKaeKurlyKae Registered Users Posts: 3,413 Curl Neophyte
    I'm so sorry this happened to you, sparkly. I had a similiar experience last summer. I did have very good results taking Biotin. My hair grows at least and inch per month on it. And, as Susan said, my nails are long and strong, too. Hope that helps!
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