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I am new to the forum. I need some help from my fellow 3as. I am going through a love/hate relationship with my curls right now. My hair is very thick (think big Texas hair) and when I fix it in the morning I use a diffuser and don't dry it all the way, but by the end of the day my hair is a total CHIA-HEAD. I literally get people coming up to my desk at work going - "whoa" (referring to my hair). I realize that alot of this has to do with the cut (I go September 3 to have hopefully a good cut - so hard to find people that actually know how to cut curly heads). My hair is also naturally VERY dry. What is a good shampoo and conditioner I can use? I have used CurlsRock and that works okay for me. Also, I have been using Biolage Gelee for years but lately it seems to be drying out my hair. So, I need shampoo/conditioner/leave-in conditioner/styling product. Thank you SO Much!


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    Have you read the CG book by Lorraine Massey? Sounds like you would benefit from reading it!
    Do you shampoo regularly? If it is very dry, than you may consider ditching the poo altogether which is what CG advocats as do many NC ladies here. I personally need to poo every 3 days or my scalp gets very/noticeable greasy.
    You need to find a good conditioner, one that works well for your hair and use that in place of poo. Also a DT every week would help too.
    Stay here and read around, you'll start to get the idea! I'm new too and still figuring it all out, but am light years ahead of where I was a month ago!
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    In additional to all the good advice SuperCurl gave, I would also start using a good leave in conditioner.

    Do you comb/brush your hair?

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    I use Creme of Nature shampoo, it is gentler if you need to use shampoo. You could try a honey rinse also, it seems to cut down on my frizz.
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    My hair tends to be on the dry side as well.

    I like Cream of Nature shampoo too. I also use [buylink=]Elucence Moisture Benefits shampoo[/buylink] occasionaly as well.

    As for conditioner, I am using [buylink=]Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner[/buylink] & Batia & Aleeza conditioner. I also use the [buylink=]Elucence MBC[/buylink] as a leave-in. I usually alternate between that & Bumble & Bumble Leave-in.

    I recommend that you try the B&A Gel, it seems to make my hair much *smaller* on day one at least. I am also curently really liking the Back to Nature Rosemary Mint Gel... but it is out of stock in Curlmart. :(

    HTH! :D
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    Thanks for all the great advice! I don't brush or comb my hair except in the shower when I brush the conditioner through. I bought a great leave-in conditioner last night and can't wait until my next hair cut. I think once I find a great stylist that can understand my locks - I'll be set!

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