i have been put on tetracycline 250mg 2wice a day and....

pshukla4pshukla4 Posts: 37Registered Users
Tazorac. anyone been put on these? if so, results (esp. long term results?)

i have acne on my face, back, and sometimes chest. the doctor said i have to get rid of the bacteria on my body and that antibiotics should help. i have been given the prescription for about 6 weeks, so i don't know what he will put me on afterwards...we will see.

i would love to hear how it worked for you. thanks!


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    Tetracycline didn't do much for my acne. It didn't get worse, it just didn't improve. I had it all over face, neck, back and chest too. I ended up on Roaccutane, Accutane in the US, 3 times to treat my acne.

    I would give the tetracycline a chance, do the prescribed course and then if there's no improvement at the end of that ask your derm for advice.

    I was on various antibiotics for 5 1/2 years to treat my acne. Hopefully you won't be :D
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    I took it when I was 16 for severe acne, and it helped a bit, but not a lot. I think the topicals helped me a lot more than the antibiotics did. I just had acne on my face, though, so topicals were no problem. If it's on other areas of your body topicals may not be a good solution.

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    i am thinking about trying birth control pills
  • MzShvyMzShvy Posts: 121Registered Users
    pshukla4 wrote:
    i am thinking about trying birth control pills

    BC helped one of my friends who had severe acne, and it helped my sister's moderate acne, but it did NOTHING for me! I've been on BC for 3 years, and my skin did not change one bit. It seems to work on some, but not on others.

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    I was on tetracycline as a teen when I had bad acne. It did help but it didn't rid me of all of my acne. I was also on creams such as retin-a and differin from time to time. Unless you go on the really hard stuff like accutane...I doubt you will get 100% clear skin.

    I think the complete clearing of acne can only come with age. Not that everyone is so lucky. I still get breakouts but my skin is nowhere near as bad as it used to be.
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