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So I went to get my hair pressed for the first time. After she finished, my stylist said that I would have to cut off quite a bit due to split ends. I have ha m hair trimmed 2-3 times last year at natural salons and by myself, without straightening. She also said it was because there was a big growth difference in the crown than in the back. My hair was a little past my shoulders in the back, but it was chin length and less in the front and crown. She said it could be that that's where most of the stress is put or where I style the most. I will post pics in my fotki. How can I reverse this and get my crown area to grow? I usually wear my hair in a wash and go fro. Do I need to try more protective styles?


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    Honestly I think it was the way she blow dried your hair. If I blow dried my hair like that (and didn't use too many products for the dryness) my hair would come out like that, too. My crown area has alot of growth and I was having the same issues. After posting here and reading the comments, I realized that my hair was the exact length in every spot (that's how I did the bc) and it was the illusion of having uneven hair. At the time it was 6" in every spot, instead of short on top and long on the bottom. Let your hair grow some more and then you can get it cut evenly. Oh and be careful with heat.

    Your press n curl looks very cute. I loved your natural hair photo shoot! Your hair suits you very well.
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    i agree with mariag, your hair is probably the same length all over, which makes it appear as different lengths.

    i know my hair has always grown faster in the front than in the back. i guess if the front and back of my dome can have different textures, they can also have different growth rates.
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    I have heat damage! Ican't believe it. I thought I was home free when washing. I don't know what to do! I have new pics of the heat damage in my fotki.
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    Sometimes when I straighten my hair it takes a couple days and a couple cowashes for it to get back to normal. Maybe it isn't necessarily damaged.
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    I would consider taking a break from straightening for about 2-3 months to help reduce the stress but on your hair. Instead, I would opt for letting it dry naturally or having your hair twisted or braided. If you can try conditioning once a week under heat for 30 minutes with a light protein like Aphogee Intensive Reconstructor to help strengthen the hair. If you hair is severely damaged, to the point where it is breaking when you touch it, I would recommend cutting it off. The reason is that the damaged breaking hair will start breaking up into your healthier new growth. But here is what I would do if I were you:
    1) Start getting deep trims every 6-8 weeks to help slowly get rid of damaged ends without a shock
    2) Wear hair up and tucked away as much as possible. Avoid combing or brushing the hair which will encourage breakage and shedding.
    3) Consider getting braids or weaving for no more that 6-8 weeks to prevent you from manipulating the hair. This will help reduce the urge to straighten or press.
    I think if you can incorporate some of these things into your routine, you will see a difference!

    I hope this helped you!:)
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