Aghh build-up!!

So I have been co-washing with Suave Aloe and waterlily for a few weeks now.. and have been using herbal essences set me up spray gel and mousse (more recently spray gel) but I still have build-up on my scalp that I can see under my fingernails when I scratch my head! It is really annoying and I have had the problem for years, but I am not using silicones or sulfates anymore, so I don't understand what the deal is. Do I have a medical scalp problem?
3a. My hair does what it wants.. currently waiting for BKT treatment to go away.

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    How long have you been CG?

    I have had thick white waxy buildup on my scalp for about 15 years. Nothing would get rid of it, I have tried every shampoo out there. I have been low-pooing since july, but went fully CG in November. In the last two weeks, I am finally free of that buildup!

    Once a week, I mix a few squirts of conditioner with about 2tbs of cheap apple cider vinegar and about a cup of water. I squirt it all over my head and massage my scalp for 2-3 minutes, let it sit on my head for another minute or two. Massage again briefly then rinse out. I followup with a [buylink=]JC Too Shea[/buylink].

    I have also been experimenting with slathering conditioner in my hair then going to bed then rinsing it out in the morning. I have done it twice in the last two weeks, I am not sure if just the moisture to my scalp is what finally cleared it. I am still experimenting.

    I hope that helps!
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    Did you use a sulfate shampoo to clear out previous build-up before you started CG? That could be it.
    Also when you co-wash, make sure to massage really well with the pads of your finger (not your nails though) and rinse your scalp very thoroughly afterwards. You might also want to try a shampoo brush for some extra massaging oomph. A brown sugar scrub might also be helpful to you. HTH
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